We believe in stress-free, fear free lives for your pets. Our in-home dog sitting service allows you to relax at work or on your vacation, knowing that your pups are safe and comfortable - receiving the most personal care unique to your dog’s routine.

FREE Meet & Greet

Meet & Greets give us the opportunity to meet you and your dog, see your home, go over their routine, and take detailed notes that will be used for future visits. You will always have a chance to meet your sitter in person and decide if their a great fit for you and your animals. 

Dog Walks or Pet Visits

All visits include feeding, neighborhood walking, playing, medication administration, and plenty of photo updates!

30 minutes - $25.00

60 minutes - $35.00

120 minutes - $50.00 

Add ons: 

+ 1 hr - $15.00 each 

+ extra dog - $10.00 each 

+ field trip - $15.00 

+ training - $50.00 

* Ask about our monthly package deals for regularly scheduled walks.*

Pet Sitting

We stay with your pet in the comfort of his own home while you're out of town. Boarding includes feeding, walking, playing, medication administration, and plenty of photo and video updates. Boarding also includes house sitting services, such as checking the mail, taking the trash bins out, and watering plants. 

Level 1 Day Boarding - $45.00 per day

Your dog may be home alone for up to 8 hours max. 

Level 2 Day Boarding - $60.00 per day 

Your dog may be home alone for up to 4-5 hours max. 

Level 3 Day Boarding - $95.00 per day 

Your dog may be home alone for up to 1-2 hours max. 

+ Overnights - $35.00 per night 

We spend the night with your dog from 8pm to 8am. 

Overnights without Day Boarding - $50.00 per night 

+ Second dog to boarding - $15.00 per day 

+ One hour of training - $50.00 per day

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